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Bad Driving Record?

Finding cheap car insurance when you have a bad driving record.

We are here to help you find the best car insurance companies even with a bad driving record. Let us match up the best auto insurers that best suits your needs in just a few minutes. Learn more about coverage or try our calculator below.

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Been Issued Traffic Tickets?

Traffic tickets are not only costly from fines but also costly to your monthly auto insurance payment. Depending on your current insurance provider and state laws will determine the risk they have assessed to you as a driver.

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Caught Drinking and Driving?

This might be the single worst thing a driver can experience. It can be traumatizing, painful, expensive, and very inconvenient. Now you have to jump through hoops and your auto insurance payment just went through the roof. Now what?

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Car Accidents Do Happen

Auto accidents can happen to anyone. The key is who is at fault and all parties involved have sufficient coverage. Most states require certain personal injury coverage that protects you, your family and your assets from lawsuits.

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Find the best car insurance with bad driving records in minutes.

I got two speeding tickets and my car insurance payment went up. Getting hep comparing rates without having to go to each company for a quote was very convenient.

Nikki Strasser

Nikki Strasser

New York

The area I live in the city unfortunately has a higher than average vandalism rate. My car had been vandalized several times forcing me to file claims. My rates went up. After comparing rates I was able to find several companies that better understand my situation.

Patty Mcfarland

Patty Mcfarland

North Carolina

One stupid mistake! Driving one night after going out with co workers was the biggest mistake I have made. My car insurance payment after getting a DUI has skyrocketed. Comparing car insurance companies that supported my situation until I was able to get traditional coverage again was a great service to me.

Patrick Ferrera

Patrick Ferrera


First Time Buyers of Car Insurance and Other High Risk Driver Types

Tips to keep your payments as low as possible

Have you obtained a poor driving history? Is it too late? What can you do? Learn more.

Until you have a proven track record of driving responsibility you will most likely be paying higher rates. Learn more.

New drivers are considered high risk because they lack the driving experience. Until you can build up a record insurance companies will charge more. See how to get the best rates.

With some companies, they assess the risk or predict future behavior by your credit history. See what your options are and what you can do.

Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

Get better rates even with a bad driving record.

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    I Already Have A Bad Driving Record.

    What Can I Do?

    Government Insurance Programs

    States go through their DMV's and groups risky drivers together in a pool and assigns certain number of these individuals to insurance companies — otherwise known as Assigned Risk Insurance.
    Learn More

    Non Standard Insurance Companies

    Assigned risk pool program Vs. a non-standard company is whether or not the government is involved. Non-standard companies are not assigned any drivers but specialize in high-risk drivers.
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    How Will Violations Fall Off My Driving Record?

    There are 3 common ways violations fall off your driving record..
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