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Bundling Car & Home Insurance With One Provider?

Bundling your homeowners' insurance and car insurance with one provider is one of the easiest and commonest ways of saving on insurance expenses. Bundling can give you access to a discount if you acquire home and car insurance from the same insurance company, but this does not mean it is always the most inexpensive option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bundling Home and Car Insurance Policies


Bundling discounts do vary from one company to another, but in general, they range from 5%-25% for every policy.

Your insurance agent can go through your home and car insurance coverage in a single sitting, and you can also be able to manage both of them in one web portal.

Given that you have made previous car insurance claims or received tickets, keeping your insurance policies under the same roof decreases the probability of being dropped by your insurer.


Bundling discourages shopping for prices, thus making it much easier for your insurance provider to increase your rates significantly until you are overpaying.

Overall, it could be less costly to purchase from separate insurance firms, especially if your car insurance policy is pricey.

Some “bundled” insurance policies are not actually bundled: a bunch of car insurance companies might connect you with an affiliated firm for your homeowners' insurance; therefore you would not have the ability to pick your own insurance provider and the convenience of handling your insurance bills in the same location.

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Should You Bundle Your Home and Car Insurance?

Most insurance companies do not limit bundling of policies to home and car insurance, providing a break on several policies that have varying discounts. Bigger insurance policies receive steeper discounts in the majority of the cases. Homes have more value than vehicles, so discounts on home insurance are usually higher.

This means that bundling can probably save you the most money if your homeowner’s policy is expensive and your car insurance is cheap. However, if you have accidents, traffic tickets, poor credit history or stay in a state that charges high auto insurance rates, car insurance can easily be the more costly policy. If this is the case, the savings made from picking the most inexpensive car insurance provider could make a 20% discount on a homeowner’s insurance policy seem small.

To decide whether you should bundle your home and car insurance policies, compare quotations for separate policies to those of bundled policies. If you see separate policies with a cheaper combined total compared to the bundled rate provided by a single insurance provider, there is no reason to bundle them together.

Moreover, bundling insurance policies makes it more likely for you to remain with one insurer. Insurance companies frequently increase rates during policy renewals, but not so much to the point that you will get frustrated and move to another provider. This is known as price optimization, and with time it could mean you are overpaying for your policies.

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     Tips on Better Bundling of Policies

    Always compare several quotations for bundled insurance policies from a bunch of insurance companies online or with an insurance agent. A private insurance agent can acquire price quotes from multiple insurance providers. An agent who sells exclusively for one firm may only provide discounts availed by that insurance company.

    Ask if the insurance company works with third-party companies for either policy. While you might still save some money, you will not have the convenience and you will not be dealing with a single company anymore.

    Shop for quotes regularly – both for separate policies and bundled ones – to compare them to the cost you are paying for bundled home and car insurance policies.

    To conclude, bundling your home and car insurance under one insurance firm is a convenient way to save money on your insurance. However, bundling policies isn’t always the best option. You might receive lower rates by purchasing separate policies from different providers, but it is a good idea to ask for a quotation if you decide to bundle your policies. 
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