Cheap Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers (Speeding)

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Speeding can lead to becoming a high risk driver

Speeding is not only dangerous, but it rates you as a high-risk driver. Driving violations, such as speeding, result in exorbitant rates when shopping for auto insurance. When you get a speeding ticket, the records stay on your report for quite a long time.

Usually, insurers check your driving history before offering you a quote. When they realize that you are a terrible driver, you will pay high premiums. Thankfully, you can still find affordable car insurance. Learn how you can purchase cheap auto insurance as a high-risk driver.

How Speeding Affects Car Insurance Costs

Your speeding ticket causes an increase in premium charges. The primary reason is that you are likely to cause an accident. What’s more, a high-risk driver will file a claim to pay for car damages or hospital bills for injured motorists. In that regard, the peril you present to your insurer leads to costly insurance rates. Usually, driving 16 to 20 mph above the average limit attracts a speeding ticket.

Here are top insurance companies, their rates, and percentage increase when you have a speeding ticket:

  • Allstate: $1161(22.9%)
  • Farmers: 976 (27.9%)
  • Progressive: $1036 (29.2%)
  • GEICO: $790 (23.8%)
  • Liberty Mutual: $1007 (22.2%)
  • State Farm: $745 (13.5%)
  • USAA: $548 (15.6%)
  • Nationwide: $864 (28.2%)

From the figures, State Farm and USAA offer pocket-friendly car insurance when you are a high-risk driver. The good news is that a poor driving history won’t affect your premiums for good. Overspeeding, for instance, won’t reflect on your reports after about three years.

Tips to Find Cheap Insurance with a Speeding Ticket

Even though some insurers will raise the coverage fee, you can still find cheap auto insurance. Here are practical tips for finding a favorable rate that suits your budget.

1. Review Multiple Coverage Options

At this point, you will have to shop around for insurers that offer the best rates. Get arrays of quotes and compare them for a friendly price. Also, ask if the company has deals or discounts to lower your premiums. You might want to look at the percentage increase every year and monthly payments for the correct figure.

2. Check Your Status

As aforementioned, bad driving citations can stay on your record for close to three years. Keep checking your status and ask your insurer to update you. You can request your insurance company to review your reports regularly. Perhaps, the Department of Motor Vehicles has removed the speeding ticket from the system. That way, you can resume paying standard charges when you graduate from a high-risk to low-risk driver.

3. Sign Up for a Defensive Driving Course

When you register for a defensive driving course, you can access competitive premiums. What’s more, the accumulated points on your speeding ticket will drastically reduce. In that regard, insurance companies will see that you are taking action to become a safer driver. You will attain crucial skills to keep yourself and other motorists safe.

4. Avoid Speeding

Most importantly, avoid speeding at all costs. If you need to get somewhere important, leave early to reduce driving fast on the road. Also, drive at the same pace as others vehicles on the road to prevent cops from flagging you as a speeding driver. In addition to that, don’t change lanes frequently or aggressively.

Always stay in the middle lane because it limits you from driving pretty fast. Regulate speed on highways since police officers camp and wait for overspeeding motorists there. Shop for a radar detector to alert you when you exceed the speed limit. If you have a fast-looking automobile like a Ferrari, Mustang, or Lamborghini, watch your speed. These cars attract cops’ attention right away since they come at high speed.

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